Brandon Waldon


PhD student in Linguistics at Stanford


  1. Del Pinal, G., & Waldon, B. (to appear). Modals under epistemic tensions: Experimental evidence for the restricted quantificational account of must and might. Natural Language Semantics. Springer. Download

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  2. Solt, S., & Waldon, B. (submitted). Numerals under negation: empirical findings.

  1. Solt, S., Stevens, J., & Waldon, B. (2017). “Some” approximations: An experimental investigation (Poster). XPrag 2017. Download

  2. Karawani, H., & Waldon, B. (2017). May or Might? Strength, duality and social meaning. In A. Cremers & F. Roelofsen (Eds.), Proceedings of the 21st Amsterdam Colloquium. Download


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